Fruits 1

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D1127 Single Pear
D1114 Two Pears
D1098 Three Pears
D0924 Green Grapes
D0966 Red Grapes
D0972 Purple Grapes
C4174 Watermelon
F4022 Cherry
F4031 Three Cherries
F4036 Three Cherries
F4038 Cherries Block
C4156 Peaches Sliced
D1460 Kiwi Sliced
D1465 Five Kiwi Slices
F3503 Peeled Banana
C3767 Lemon Lime Sliced
F3509 Banana Bunch
F3494 Mango Sliced



C3752 Lemon Sliced
F4088 Tangerine
C3683 Orange Sliced
C3759 Lime Sliced

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